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Lose weight.
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Nutrition Angel Derby, Park Farm Centre,

(Behind the Butchers) DE22 2QN

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Who's behind the wings?

Matt Elliott has been in the health and wellness industry in one form or another for almost 25 years.
Served in the British Army as a Soldier and Physical Training Instructor responsible for the the regimental fitness. Leaving the forces in 2006 to pursue a career in commercial fitness saw him take on different trainer roles within David Lloyds leisure as well as National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist. In 2008 Matt was head hunted by Adidas as a Global Fitness Ambassador and Presenter training instructors all over the world from Europe to Asia.
Fast forward to today he now has a successful nutrition and supplement company with over 2000 coaches working within his organisation all working on the same philosophy to help people get healthy "healthy whole foods, a few hacks and enjoying the process -if you're not going to do it at 70... don't start it now!" "We show you how to swap bad for better".
"Nutrition Angel is to be one of many... we need more fast food for smart people...or smart food for fast people.

Nutrition Angel Nutrition Club FAQ

1. What is the nutrition club?

Our nutrition club is a uniquely supportive community designed to help individuals achieve their nutrition and wellness goals through personalised meal coaching, expert guidance, accountability, and peer support. We promote a healthy active lifestyle...You don't need to "work out".

2. How does the nutrition club work?

Everything starts with a no-obligation FREE wellness evaluation where we cover exactly how everything works. Upon joining, you'll receive a personalised meal builder, snack lists, and meal suggestions adjusted to your dietary preferences and needs. This is not a passive process, we’re a small site so we only take on a limited number of serious clients, and there is an attendance minimum requirement each week.

3. Is this program suitable for all dietary preferences?

Yes, our nutrition club is designed to cater to individuals with various dietary preferences and needs. Whether you have specific dietary restrictions or follow a certain eating pattern, our program can be adapted to suit your requirements.

4. What makes this nutrition club different from others?

Our approach focuses on sustainable, healthy nutrition habits. We don't promote extreme diets or quick fixes. Instead, we provide you with tools and strategies to develop lifelong habits that support your well-being. We also help you navigate eating out and even alcohol choices -we believe in not taking anything away from you.

5. Can I choose my meals in the meal plan?

Absolutely! We adjust what you’re already eating on submission of a food diary instead of trying to present you with options you may not like –“we call it swapping bad for better”

6. How often will I receive support from my coach?

Our coaches are available to provide guidance and support throughout your journey. You’ll see your coach during your club visits and also chat via WhatsApp. You’ll also receive support from other nutrition club members further along in their progress.

7. Is there a membership fee for the nutrition club?

Yes, there is a membership fee to access our Nutrition Club. We cover all of the investment during the free wellness evaluation


8. How can I join the nutrition club?

Everything starts with a Wellness Evaluation and Nutrition Club explanation. We’ll cover everything in detail to ensure we’re the right choice for you -and you’re at the desired commitment level to join the other successful members.

9. Can I track my progress within the nutrition club?

Absolutely! We provide tools to track your progress, including full body composition, measurements, energy levels, and how you're feeling throughout your journey. Celebrate your milestones and stay motivated to reach your goals.

10. Do you offer a free trial?

No. We run regular information and sample nights so to book on to one of these simply fill out the contact us form and we'll be in touch!

Remember, our nutrition club is centred on promoting health and wellness through sustainable practices. If you have any specific questions or concerns, feel free to reach out via email or the form submission higher up the page. We're here to guide you every step of the way!


Nutrition Angel, Park Farm Centre, Park Farm Drive, Derby, DE22 2QN

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